focus on sandra araujo

Sandra Araujo nos cede algunas de sus imágenes, algunas de sus referencias, algunos de sus sonidos y encuadres para la producción de ese su arte medial que trata sobre ecología, cotidianeidades, identidad de genero y reflexión sobre el propio medio.










i’m a little blindsided #hola #g33kヽ so images are pretty much a partnership between looking <literaly awkard #glasses ⌐■_■ > and playing an ongoing association game with reality ヽ & technology looking through lenses / or ₊ not gives me input on pictorical representation 🎨 / 2dimension3 / which sums up ↑ art history periods movements 4dummiesヽbut† really ₊ all i wanted 2 do is play *fun & games* ┳━━┳  and before my  👀 ₊ video games – THE LUDIC INTERFACE – full of excitement / iconography / semiotics and more ₊ much more ₊ mucho action into theory / media / social / anthro / philo / psycho studies of things



a-game studies


〰〰〰hen #YOLO you’re in a deep #insaneinthebrain  ──*:・゚magic circle with it’s own rules ₊ #papi. wanna play #hardcoregamer / #casual / #vanilla / #cross_gender avvvatar₊ u follow rules, even if u’r killing ︻デ═一 zombies or just hanging out in a fairytale #wannabe ヽ and rules / structure / design is every(wear) we touch – work ₊ politics , sex 💦 ₊ money ₊ [(yes) pleasure] ₊ environment ; act / operate in schemes / patterns / systems which software – THE ALGORITHM – takes C:\>cmd / > [u@others ~]$ / c:\> 




“command” (MS-DOS, Windows; Linux; DOS)













other things #kissthewip that u can be your own sugar mami / champagne papi